things we lost in fire

All the pretty stars, Shine for you, my love. Am I that girl that you dream of ? (lana del rey)
Admire Holland Roden, Zoey Deutch and Emilia Clarke, particulary. Sam Claflin is my husband for ever.

Madison Montgomery is a stone cold bitch who loves hard drinking, big dicks, and trouble. If she’s dead its probably because she got wasted and offered the grim reaper a hand job or something.

I always feel like everything I shoot is a student project and nobody else will know about it. I forget, in that moment, that other people will see it.


Holland Roden for BCBGeneration x The Influence

Phoebe Tonkin for Into The Goss 2014

That’s kind of where all my money goes. I’m going to be a very broke girl with a really great wardrobe.